Dance Visions,  - dance studio
Dance Visions offers a wide variety of dance subjects. Give us a call to schedule a trial class! Everybody is welcome from absolute beginners to professionals. Classes include but, are not limited to:
Tiny Tot - To equip the child with basic fundamental movement skills during their developmental stages. Learn more...
Preschool - A gentle and fun introduction to dance and acro with only positive reinforcement.
Ballet - A well structured class in the French and Ceccetti Methods that develop good posture, a sense of line, balance and musicality.
Tap - Focuses on tap technique, music timing, rhythm, and co-ordination.
Jazz - Develops co-ordination, balance, rhythm, and posture in a a fun and invigorating class.
Pointe - An advanced class, which can only be taken with the director's approval. Takes ballet technique to another level with emphasis on balance and center.
Cardio Hip Hop - An aspect of dance fitness that provides both a mental and physical workout while fostering on sheer exhilaration. This class combines the intricacy of hip-hop dance with the intensity of a cardio-aerobic workout!    Learn more...
Acro - Similar to gymnastics in the its focal points of strength in the back, flexibility, balance and co-ordination.
Lyrical - A flow of movements combining Jazz and Ballet.
Hip Hop - A form of popular dance with its own distinct style. Fast paced movements that challenge co-ordination and technique.
Stretch - Focuses on increasing flexibility in the entire body, with an emphasis on building balance and strength.
NEW!! Stretch for the Athlete - Flexibility training is perhaps the most undervalued component of conditioning. Athletes can gain much from a stretching regime.  Learn more... 
Contemporary - (offered at different times throughout the year as a a specialty class) A dance style that was developed in reaction to ballet's formal line and structure. Uses that body in various positions to work with gravity instead of defying it.
We also offer classes in Yoga, Ballroom, Pilates, Aerobics and much more at various times throughout the year.
Instructors will determine class placement. Special time will be taken to discuss your child's placement and progress.
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